In Beirut, the month of May usually coincides with artistic and cultural events.

This year, two people are definitely stealing the show. Nancy Gabriel and Guillaume Excoffier, alias Gabriel & Guillaume, have invaded District S. For those who crave design exhibitions and decorative art pieces, do not miss it.

The duo gathers, approximately once a year and in different venues, objects, art works and furniture from around the world (Europe, USA, Brazil, Mexico). Ranging from the 1600s to the present day, most of the collection comes, however, from the mid-century.

The travelling gallery is a true invitation to taste. Designer and anonymous pieces cohabit in perfect harmony. Some of the big names include Carlo Bugatti, Gio Ponti, Garouste & Bonetti, Philippe Hiquily and Gabriella Crespi. There are also two exclusive editions for Gabriel & Guillaume: cigar boxes by Peter Zimmermann and a tableware collection by Nimerology (Nour Al Nimer).  

The duo has succeeded in bringing a cozy, glamour and elegant feel in an 800 square meter ultra modern penthouse. Forget the pretentious and cold vibes that you sometimes get in art galleries.

With Gabriel and Guillaume, you feel at home.

Gabriel & Guillaume at District S: Downtown Beirut (until June 18)